Our Team

James Vidgen

Creative Director

After completing a bachelor of IT and working as a main frame programmer, James saw an opportunity to bring the latest 3D modelling software to the building industry, so in 2000 Reality 3D was born. It has been an exciting journey with lots of bumps along the way, but worth every second.  Reality 3D is now one of the lead providers of architectural imagery, and in no small part that is because of James. He loves dealing with clients as well as still getting his hands on the imagery itself.  He is really proud of the team he has built at Reality 3D, to him they are more than just employees, they are more akin to family.

Chris Workman

QLD Manager

Chris was the first Reality 3D team member, he started back in 2002 and has been there every step of the way.  Chris has been with Reality 3D from the days when it was run out of a garage, he is James’s first port of call when he has an issue or an important job. Chris’s loyalty and work ethic are second to none. He is an expert at client relations, and his ability to create stunning images while always meeting deadlines makes him one of the client’s favourite artists, and a huge asset to the Reality 3D team.  Chris is a keen surfer, so if he is not at his desk, odds on he is in the water.  Reality 3D would not be Reality 3D without Chris.

Nick Waters

3D Artist

Nick was born and raised here on the Gold Coast. Since a young age, Nick was brought up with many family members being in the housing and construction industry. It is from this came his passion and interest in housing and landscape architecture. A typical Aussie, Nick grew up loving sport, particularly AFL and Cricket!  Nick became a part of our team at Reality 3D in early 2016 just after he graduated from high school. Nick’s role began as a part-time employee whilst he commenced his studies at Griffith University in 2016. Working two days a week during uni semesters, Nick quickly began to learn the skills and craft that comes with being a 3D artist. In 2019, Nick graduated Griffith University obtaining a double degree in a bachelor of Business and Commerce (majoring in Marketing and Economics) and has since then become a full time employee here at Reality 3D. Nick’s ability to communicate first-hand with clients and his passion and desire to learn and create images of a high quality, has led to Nick becoming a valuable employee here at Reality 3D.

Ash Patching

3D Artist

Ash graduated from Griffith University in 2007 with a degree in Digital Design. He started at Reality 3D in 2007 and became in integral part of the team until the travel bug hit. He travelled and worked in London in the field of engineering logistical animations. Upon his return to Australia, he then worked at our Melbourne office and enjoyed his positive experiences there. He started back at our head office on the Gold Coast in 2017. Ash brings his experiences to each project and loves to create a high level of detail and professionalism to each piece of work. We love having Ash as a part of team and he is an incredibly talented artist.

William Nicoloff

3D Artist

Will started with Reality 3D in early 2013, he came straight out of high school. He has travelled to the UK and worked overseas. In 2018 he returned to Australia and began work at our Melbourne office. In 2019 he returned to the Gold Coast to work with our VR company, Revista. Will is our Production Manager for new projects. He has been producing stunning architectural visualisations since 2013 for clients all around the world.
With experience in a variety of 3D software packages, Will finds the most efficient methods to produce a high-end product in a timely manner. He loves to create something different and exciting each time for our clients. His favourite motivational quote is ‘Where there is a Will, there is a way’ he loves to remember this quote when completing 3D visualisations. We love having will as part of our team.

Chris Ball

3D Artist

Chris started with the company in 2014, he completed a Bachelor of Architectural Design -Environmental Studies at Griffith university in 2013. He has a keen eye for detail and is an expert in efficiently creating our floor plans and site plans, so much so we’ve dubbed him ‘ King of plans’. He is a quiet achiever and loves to help the team wherever he can, and we love having him on our team as he such a great asset to Reality3D.

Jemima O’Brien

Marketing & Personal Assistant

Jem has grown up on the Gold Coast the majority of her life but took an opportunity to move to Japan after graduating school in 2013. Jem revelled in her experience living and teaching English in Japan and it has made her the person she is today. Jem is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Primary Education with a love for interior design. Jem is our marketing and office admin gal. She has an eye for detail and a love for caring for our team of boys at our head office.  Jem started with the company in earl 2020, has a passion for interior design, loves creating content and liaising with clients and the team.

Alireza Fard

3D Artist

Ali graduated from AZAD university with a Bachelor of Architecture in 2011. He has worked as an assistant and drafter a for a design firm in Shiraz. He began working as a 3D artist at Reality 3D in 2018. Ali is inspired daily by our team of 3D artists and gains various experience and skill to generate high quality 3D designs. He loves to read 3D artists magazines and blogs to find how 3D artists around the world use their talent and educate themselves. His passionate about learning new techniques and new technologies to speed up his workflow and increase his personal talent. He is always learning and growing from our team and is such a valuable team player at Reality3D.

Nathan Nicoloff

3D Artist

Nathan started work experience in 2014 on a part-time basis when he was still a high-school student. After he travelled to England and Qatar, he returned and began working full time in 2015. He is a passionate gamer but also has a love for keeping fit and martial arts.  He strives on getting creative with photoshop designs. We love having Nathan on our team and has grown so much over the time he has been with us.

Alex Acosta

3D Artist

Alex is from Spain where he worked for 10 years as a 3D interior architect. He then moved to Japan in 2012 and was working there as a freelance 3D artist for 3 years. It was a great time for Alex to learn new approaches to 3D design and new cultural experiences while he started a family. He moved to the Gold Coast and started with Reality 3D in 2018. Alex tries in every job to bring light, composition, balance, and real materials to each project he takes on. Alex is constantly inspired by other 3D artists and researching new ways to improve, and we see this with every new project he works on. We love having Alex on our team, with such great experience and his humour which he brings into the office daily.

Edmar Forbes

3D Artist

We were excited for Edmar to join the team earlier this year and are thrilled for him to be working on exciting projects. Edmar has a Bachelor’s degree major in Drafting, he has been a 3d Visual designer for almost 9 years now. He has worked locally and abroad focusing on architectural and interior design aspects. He has gained a lot from his experiences of working and being involved on designs such as Villas, Restaurants, Bedroom Suites, Gym and a lot more. He appreciates the simple beauty and intricacies of Interior Design and Architecture, and we have seen his passion to improve himself and to be able to incorporate different philosophies with his work.